Macau – Parisian at Cotai Strip

After our day of sightseeing at the Ruins of St. Paul’s area, we headed back to The Venetian. As we were snacking the whole day, we decided to skip our dinner. In the evening, we checked out the newly opened The Parisian, part of Sands Group of Casino Resorts, located on the Cotai Strip.

It was drizzling the whole evening but we went ahead since the rain was not heavy. It has been drizzling in the evening since the day we arrived and based on the weather forecast, it will also rain the next evening.

The Eiffel Tower is located at the front of The Parisian, with a daily light show from 6:15 pm to 12:00 am at every 15 minutes interval. There are Observation Decks on levels 7th and 37th of the Eiffel Tower. As the sky was cloudy and raining, we did not see the point of going up to the Observation Decks.

Parisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip MacauParisian Cotai Strip Macau

After taking lots of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, we checked out the inside of The Parisian. I am not too impressed by the interior as it looks like any other shopping mall. The Parisian theme did not exactly stand out, unlike The Venetian.

Parisian MacauParisian Cotai Strip Macau

After exploring the area a bit, we felt hungry and had supper at the food mall. We had comfort food for supper – congee, fried fritters and warm soy bean milk.

As it was drizzling the whole evening and the sky was cloudy, the outdoor photos that we took did not turn out well. The picture below was taken by my friend and the person with the hoodie on and carrying an orange backpack that resembles a Ninja Turtle is me. 🙂 Could not remember what caught my attention that I stood in the rain.

Parisian Contai Strip Macau

Hope you enjoyed the photos of The Parisian. Stay tuned for my second day of sightseeing at Taipa.

This trip was made in Spring 2017.

The Lowdown

Eiffel Tower Observation Decks (7th & 37th Floor)

Location: Main entrance from Level 5, Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Daily (weather permitting) and last entry at 10.30 pm

Price: MOP 100 (Adults), MOP 80 (Children at age 12 or under) and MOP 288 (Family Pack – 2 Adults & 2 Children)

For more information, go to

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