Macau – Rua do Cunha

Our third day at Macau and the second day of sight seeing before we took the ferry to Hong Kong the next day. Our initial plan was to do Casino Resorts hop but it turned out to be more interesting than that. And we have to thank the Apple Store service staff for her recommendation.

We started the day walking to the City of Dreams (Casino & Hotels Resort) for dim sum brunch. After brunch, we walked around a bit at the City of Dreams then took the shuttle bus to Galaxy (Casino & Hotels Resort) to check out the Apple Store. As always, every city I visit, I will visit the Apple Store if there is one.

Checking out Apple Store at Galaxy Macau

The kind and helpful service staff at Apple Store suggested to us to visit the Rua do Cunha which is right behind the Galaxy. Walking through the food mall and taking the exit from there, crossing the road, we have left Cotai and stepped into Taipa and arrived at Rua do Cunha.

Macau Historic Centre Map

Rua do Cunha 官也街, or Cunha Street in English, is a narrow pedestrian street in Vila da Taipa, the town centre of Taipa, named after the Portuguese explorer Tristão da Cunha. Rua do Cunha is located so near the Casino Resorts yet it is so different. Rua do Cunha exudes the old town nostalgia feel.

Check out the beautifully painted instagrammable wall. There were two girls who stood in front of the wall unaware of people around them who were waiting and wanting to take pictures of the wall. I waited for more than five minutes, they were still standing there checking their photos, I approached them and asked them to excuse themselves for a minute that I may quickly snap a few pictures. They moved away from the wall immediately. Guess they were so absorbed in wanting to take the perfect picture that they not aware of their surroundings.

Rua Do CunhaRua Do CunhaRua Do Cunha

After taking a few pictures of the wall, we walked into the narrow but bustling pedestrian street that was packed with tourists. You can find lots of traditional bakeries, shops selling desserts and souvenirs. As we walked along, we saw a traditional bakery with a long queue waiting to buy some goodies home.

Rua Do Cunha

Then we got ourselves a cup of ice coffee and sat down at the courtyard to rest our feet and enjoy our drink.


After exploring the Rua do Cunha, we visited the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History. As we were there on a Sunday, admission is free. The Museum of Taipa and Coloane History 路氹歷史館 is a two-floor complex to preserve and promote the history and culture of Taipa and Coloane.

Rua Do CunhaRua Do CunhaRua Do Cunha

After visiting the Museum, we continue our exploration of the Taipa Village.

This trip was made in Spring 2017.

The Lowdown – Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

Address: Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa

Opening Hours: 10.00 am –  6.00 pm (last admission until 5.30 pm) Closed on Mondays

Admission Fee: Adult at MOP 5 and Student or Group at MOP 2. Free admission for children under 12 or seniors over 65. Free admission on Sundays

For more details, go to and

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