Stores at Tsukiji Shijio

Spring in Tokyo – Tsukiji Shijō & Akihabara

Tsukiji Fish Market (Tsukiji Shijō) was our first destination as it was just 10-minutes' walk from the hotel we stayed at. We were too tired to brave the early morning to watch the bidding, still, we managed to immerse ourselves by walking around the market and trying the freshly cooked seafood. All the seafood looked super … Continue reading Spring in Tokyo – Tsukiji Shijō & Akihabara

Entrance to Meji Shrine

Short Getaway to Tokyo

I was in Tokyo for vacation in Spring, after Lunar New Year. The weather was cool and comfortable though it was a bit early to see cherry blossom. Glad we went, any later, this trip may not have happened due to crazy business travel schedule. We finally stepped out of Narita Airport Terminal 1 to … Continue reading Short Getaway to Tokyo