Pour Your Heart Into It

Coffee without people is a theoretical construct. People without coffee are somewhat diminished as well. Dave Olsen I was watching a documentary on how Starbucks nearly collapsed and made a come back by going back to basics. That led me to search on my Kindle and found the book written by Howard Schultz, founder of … Continue reading Pour Your Heart Into It

Anne Frank’s Diary – Kitty

Years back, I bought the book, Anne Frank's Diary, when I visited Israel. After keeping it on my bookshelf for years, I did not get to read it and decided to give it away. Late last year, I saw the illustrated version of Anne Frank's Diary at Kinokuniya book store. After flipping through a few … Continue reading Anne Frank’s Diary – Kitty

1995 Tokyo Underground Gas Attack

I have been going back to Japan for holiday after my first visit in 2016. Since then I have been asking why it is so difficult to find trash bin in Japan. At my recent trip to Japan, I joined a day tour to Hakone and the tour guide explain to us the reason for … Continue reading 1995 Tokyo Underground Gas Attack